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Terms and Conditions

Credit One Bank More Cash Back Rewards Program Supplement

This document ("More Supplement") describes the terms and conditions of the Credit One Bank, N.A. ("Credit One Bank") More Cash Back Rewards Program ("More Program") and supplements the Card Agreement that governs your credit card account issued by Credit One Bank, N.A. (the "Account"). By using the Account, you agree to participate in the More Program. Your participation is subject to the terms of the Card Agreement, including the arbitration provision, if applicable, and this More Supplement. In the event of a conflict between the Card Agreement and this More Supplement, with respect to matters relating to the More Program, this More Supplement controls. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Card Agreement.

More Program. The More Program is a cash back rewards program operated and managed by Figg CLO, Inc. ("Figg") (formerly known as Augeo CLO, Inc.) and provided to you by Credit One Bank as a complimentary benefit of your Account. The More Program is separate from any other Credit One Bank rewards program. The More Program will make certain cash back rewards (collectively, "Offers") from participating merchants (each a "Merchant") available to Cardholders. You can find information about current Offers on the More Program website (currently located at and operated by Figg). You may also receive information about current Offers via email. In order to use an Offer and receive its associated benefit, you must complete a purchase transaction with your Card that meets the particular terms and conditions of the Offer ("Qualifying Purchase").

Earning More Cash Back Rewards. You earn cash back rewards in the form of a statement credit equal to the amount of the discount or other benefit provided in the applicable Offer of the Net Purchase (defined below) for each Qualifying Purchase. We will post a statement credit to your Account within 90 days after the date of the Qualifying Purchase associated with each Offer. If your Account is in default, as defined in your Card Agreement, at the time the credit is to be posted, you WILL NOT receive the credit. All disputes related to the More Program statement credits must be reported to Credit One Bank customer service within 180 days of the Qualifying Purchase. We reserve the right to finally determine all disputes and you acknowledge that all such determinations are final and binding. "Net Purchases" are Qualifying Purchases minus any returns, disputed charges, unauthorized charges, illegal or fraudulent charges or other credits for such Qualifying Purchases.

More Program Restrictions. Statement credits for rewards will reduce the balance on your Account but will not count as payments. You will still be required to pay at least the Minimum Payment Due as shown on your billing statement each month. You WILL NOT earn rewards for otherwise Qualifying Purchases made while your Account is in default as defined in your Card Agreement. The More Program excludes Accounts already enrolled in another card-linked rewards program. If you have more than one Card, each Qualifying Purchase will only be applied to the Card Account used to complete each applicable Qualifying Purchase. Merchants may have agreed to pay the More Program certain operating or marketing fees when Cardholders purchase goods or services using their Card from such Merchants through the More Program.

Notifications and Other Communications. We may from time to time send automatic notifications and other communications to Cardholders relating to the More Program as provided in the Card Agreement. Cardholders are responsible for any service provider charges that may result from such notifications and other communications.

Changes. The More Program may be changed (added to, modified or deleted) by us at any time. We will give you prior notice to the extent required by law. The current version of the Credit One Bank More Cash Back Rewards Program Supplement may be found at Any revisions may affect your ability to earn rewards. Each Merchant reserves the right to change at any time, and without notice, the amount or percentage of any cash back rewards Offer as well as the terms and conditions of any Qualifying Purchase.

Termination. We may suspend or terminate the More Program or your participation in the More Program at any time without prior notice. In such event, we will evaluate your Account for any eligible rewards as of the More Program termination date. Provided that you meet all of the More Program requirements listed above as well as all requirements in each applicable Offer, you will receive a distribution of the rewards earned during the current billing period in the form of a statement credit.

Limited Liability. Unless otherwise required by law, the More Program, or our Card Agreement with you, we will not be liable to you or anyone making a claim on your behalf, in connection to: (1) any change or termination of the More Program; (2) any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience caused by any occurrence outside of our control; (3) any taxes that you incur as a result of receiving rewards, payment of which taxes will be your responsibility; (4) any merchandise or services you purchase; (5) the business practices and policies of Merchants; or (6) for any direct, indirect or consequential damages with respect to the use of your Account. In any event, any liability that Credit One Bank and Figg may have to you in connection with the More Program shall be limited to the amount of any rewards you have earned in the More Program. The More Program and rewards are void or limited where prohibited or restricted, respectively, by federal, state or local law.